LED Back Light


    Features :
  Our LED backlights have overcome high power demands of CCFL and the short life cycles of EL guaranteeing evenly distributed brightness by direct or edge lighting
  Low power consumption
  Even brightness
  Very long lifespan
  High reliability
  Wide variety of colors available including red, yellow-green, blue, orange, white, etc.; customization possible
        Direct Lighting Type
  Even brightness is obtained by properly arranging LED chips or LED SMDs and removing the hot spots on the LEDs with diffusion film.
        Edge Lighting Type
  The light from the LED enters the light pipe from its edge and reflects differentially on the specially processed pattern under it to achieve greater brightness with fewer LEDs.
  Backlighting for LCD display on mobile phones, palm PCs, IMT-2000, digital cameras, camcorders, notebook PCs, calculators, home appliances, industrial machines, etc.
LED Back Light Products
  LP-105-35 Download
  LP-95-19 Download
  LP-66-32 Download
  LP-52-23 Download
  LP-254C Download