What we do

Provide product development guidelines to various joint ventures manufacturing in China. Assist and provide technical support and act as a source of engineering design and production.

Purchase and component procurement for joint venture manufacturing in China.

Manage all aspects involved in the sales and marketing of its product line including sub-assembly work and OEM products internationally.

This firm is a uniquely qualified enterprise because it continually strives to improve in its design, production and engineering of their numerous product lines. As well, it is able to act in a managerial capacity, thus enabling them to apply their insightful knowledge of the complex and expanding marketplace in the P.R.C. To response to the high demand for their product line, I.C. Engineering Limited along with its partners in P.R.C. have established many sales distribution and service centers in provinces throughout Mainland China.

Product quality inspection

Did you ever order oranges and got lemons instead?
I.C.Engineering Limited is your solution!
I.C.Engineering Limited has years of experience in quality inspection and is your quality partner in China.

Product Quality Inspection

· Initial Production Inspection
· Work-in-progress Inspection
· Pre-shipment Inspection

Technical Support

· Product Evaluation
· Product Approval Consultant
· Technical / Engineering Support

Production Line Monitoring

· Production Line Monitoring
· Second Party Quality Management

Suppliers Audit

· Suppliers Qualification Audit
· Searching For Suppliers