Inverters are a necessary part of any EL project ( EL Wire , EL Sheet and any Electroluminescent product ) .

Choose your inverter wisely. Output frequency ( KHz or Hz ) will change the brightness level of your project. Also , some inverters are the blinking type. For examples , Pay close attention the wite ength that a particular inverter will run. If you choose an inverter that runs 15 feet of wire, and you attach 30 feet of wire to it, it will be quite dim and the inverter may fail prematurely.

The main consideration is the output frequency . A 400Hz inverter will be much dimmer than an inverter that runs at 2KHz (2000Hz.) Also, if you are using your inverter for costume use, a small battery pack may be the best choice.

Use one of the 3 , 4.5 , 6 or 9 volt inverters, or one of the small inverters with the battery pack built in. If you working in a vehicle, or where you can plug a transformer into the wall, a 12 volt inverter may be the best choice !

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